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There are so many great ways to prepare for IELTS, which can help you to achieve your best on test day. By taking advantage of our step-by-step guide and planning well, you can boost your confidence and your score.

First steps

Register for the test: To find a test centre near you or to book your test, visit

Set your ‘score goal’: Confirm the IELTS score required by your chosen university, institution, employer or organisation. Knowing your ‘score goal’ gives you a clear target to work towards. You can look up the criteria for each score here: so you understand what you need to prepare for

Boost your English skills

The best way to succeed in any English language test is to improve your English. Here are two great ways to build your skills.

An English language course: This is one of the best ways to improve your English. The feedback you receive from your teacher will help you improve the specific skills involved in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking English.

An IELTS preparation course: This can help you familiarise yourself with the types of tasks included in an IELTS test. Ask your local IELTS test centre for more information about a preparation course near you.

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Use your English every day

Practice makes perfect, so use your English as much as you can well in advance of the test.

Listen: Listen to English language radio, television and film. You should try to listen to a variety of English accents including American, Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand.

Read: Read English publications such as newspapers and magazines regularly.

Write: Write letters, emails or notes in English whenever possible.

Speak: Speak English with your friends and family.

Practise with sample questions

Free support tools

Free test sample: The free IELTS test sample gives you a chance to see sample test questions and practise your responses:

Free computer-delivered IELTS practice materials: Know what to expect on the day with videos, FAQs and sample questions to help guide you through the computerdelivered Listening, Reading and Writing tests:

Additional support options

IELTS Progress Check: Take a full practise test, which gives you an indicative band score plus personalised feedback from an official IELTS marker — so you can identify your weaknesses and improve for the real test. You can practise anytime, anywhere:

Official IELTS Practice Material books: Available in Volume 1 and Volume 2, the Official IELTS Practice Material books give you a chance to try sample questions. They include example responses and examiner comments to help guide you, plus there are CDs and DVDs to assist with the Listening and Speaking tests. These are available online or from your local test centre.

The day before the test

Recap on the rules: Re-read information provided by your test centre to ensure you understand the test format and rules.

Plan your journey: Ensure you know how to get to the test venue so that you arrive on time. Also get plenty of rest the night before your test to help you feel more relaxed on the day.

Test day

Allow time: Allow plenty of time to travel to the test venue to ensure you arrive on time

Bring your passport/national identity card: Please make sure you bring the same identification that you provided on your IELTS Application Form, as we need to match these for you to be able to sit the test