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IELTS Test Dates in Trichur


Trichur is the fourth largest city in Kerala with large number of aspirants who aim to study overseas. The city undoubtedly produces a high number of applicants for IELTS who intend to settle overseas either by studying for higher education or by working abroad. Trichur is one of the popular IELTS test registration centres in the southern India.

IELTS Test Dates & Fee

IELTS Test Dates – Academic

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
05 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
12 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
19 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
09 Jan 2021 Academic 14000
16 Jan 2021 Academic 14000
23 Jan 2021 Academic 14000
06 Feb 2021 Academic 14000
20 Feb 2021 Academic 14000
25 Feb 2021 Academic 14000

IELTS Test Dates – General Training

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
05 Dec 2020 General Training 14000
19 Dec 2020 General Training 14000
09 Jan 2021 General Training 14000
16 Jan 2021 General Training 14000
23 Jan 2021 General Training 14000
06 Feb 2021 General Training 14000
25 Feb 2021 General Training 14000

About IDP IELTS Trichur Centre

Students interested in applying for IELTS offline can visit IDP IELTS Trichur registration centre. The location of the office is feasible for all types of commuters as it provides convenient transportation from all the parts of Trichur. IELTS (International English Language Testing System), the world’s most popular English language proficiency test, analyses the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking of a candidate.

How IELTS IDP Trichur can help you?

IDP IELTS Trichur is widely acclaimed for its executives who are both student friendly and well-trained. The executives in Trichur are highly dedicated to their jobs when it comes to resolving the queries and doubts of the students. The high qualitative factor of the IDP IELTS Trichur arises from the fact that they render help to candidates without any delay and also aids them in completing the entire procedure hassle-free. Other than IELTS, they also help candidates with problems regarding TRF (Test Report Form), ATRF (Additional Report Form), results, EoR (Enquiry on Results), etc. The executives assigned at IELTS centres are always available during the working hours, hence, the students can reach out to them for help without any reluctance.

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