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Our test takers share their experience

Here’s what our test takers have to say about their computer-delivered IELTS experience.

Student Testimonial

Giving computer based exam was a wonderful experience, much better then pen based IELTS and also saves the time. Also the flexibility in opting the shifts of the exam is very much convenient especially for the professionals as they can meet their daily routine along with the exam in the evening slots, even the staff of the exam centre is very helpful and cooperative, they all are always available for the help while adhering their discipline. Great efforts by IDP. Amrinder Malhi Computer-delivered test taker, Amritsar


I would suggest everyone to book IELTS exam at IDP Ludhiana’s Computer-delivered test centre particularly because staff here is extremely helpful and friendly. Centre is also very beautiful and quiet, with all the facilities. There is no long queues of students as in pen-paper based exam for registration. Taking exam on computer is much more easier than any other. Overall a great experience. I strongly recommend this centre. Harkaper Saini Computer-delivered test taker, Ludhiana


I was bit scared while opting for computer based test since I have heard only good experiences for paper based one. But I am very sure after appearing for computer based IELTS at IDP Pune's test centre that its nothing to be scared of this new system. It is very user friendly and comfortable. There is no chance of any error in technical services or test. The test centres is fully proved and the supervisors or test takers are very helpful, professional and genuine. Vidhi Patel Computer-delivered test taker, Pune


Student Testimonials on computer-delivered IELTS

Speaking test remains the same

The computer-delivered test is only for the Listening, Reading, and Writing components while the Speaking Test remains face-to-face test with an experienced examiner. Shanshan shares her experience and how IDP’s Speaking Test helps a candidate in improvised performance.

She says, “Yeah, I think it’s way more natural to talk to someone who face-to-face. You can easily see how the person responds to your answers.”

Tips to Computer-delivered IELTS Test Takers

Here are some useful tips from Shanshan and Tom to excel at your computer-delivered IELTS Exam in ther own words.

Make sure you improve your typing speed. It's really important, and you also have to double-check your spellings and grammar!

My advice would be just to read as much as you can to improve your overall language skills. You can write letters to your family and friends to improve expression, and listen to the radio to enhance pronunciation and listening skills.

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