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Student Testimonials on computer-delivered IELTS

Good testing environment

Staff was courteous and friendly

User Friendly Interface

Better concentration during the Exam

Faster Results, more test dates

Same great Face-to-face Speaking test

Gandharv Mahajan, from New Delhi took our recently launched computer-delivered IELTS and shares his experience, “ I have taken the paper-based IELTS as well so I am in a better position to compare; and I find computer-based IELTS much better as you can edit the writing section easily on a computer. Also the entire interface is very user-friendly and intuitive.”

Amandeep Singh, who also took the computer-based IELTS (Academic) found it more convenient to take the test on computer. He says, “I would recommend you to take the computer-delivered IELTS as it helps concentrate better during the exam. There are less number of students around, compared to 200-300 people in a paper-based version. I think that helps bring our effective results too.”

See how IDP’s computer-delivered IELTS has made a difference in Christy Sebastian’s life. She recalls how her cousins who had taken paper-based IELTS were more worked up and tensed than her. “I have a good hand at computer so I was pretty confident when taking the test.” She also accolades our team whom she found to be ‘friendly, supportive and up-to-date with all the relevant information.

Sachin Kumar is happy that the environment at our test centres allowed him to take his test undisturbed. He finds the interface of IDP’s computer-delivered IELTS extremely user-friendly. He says, “The best part is that I can edit my answers in the Writing test.

Speaking test remains the same

The computer-delivered test is only for the Listening, Reading, and Writing components while the Speaking Test remains face-to-face test with an experienced examiner. Shanshan shares her experience and how IDP’s Speaking Test helps a candidate in improvised performance.

She says, “Yeah, I think it’s way more natural to talk to someone who face-to-face. You can easily see how the person responds to your answers.”

Tips to Computer-delivered IELTS Test Takers

Here are some useful tips from Shanshan and Tom to excel at your computer-delivered IELTS Exam in ther own words.

“Make sure you improve your typing speed. It's really important, and you also have to double-check your spellings and grammar!”

“My advice would be just to read as much as you can to improve your overall language skills. You can write letters to your family and friends to improve expression, and listen to the radio to enhance pronunciation and listening skills.”

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