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Instructions to Complete IELTS Application Form – IELTS IDP India

Instructions for completing Application form

Tips for completing the IELTS test application form

Please do take care in completing correct information (after checking with original documents, where necessary), as this information will be reflected on your TRF (Test Report Form).

A question by question guide on completing the forms from IDP India

NOTE: You must fill the form CLEARLY using CAPITAL LETTERS.

Test City: You will see a rubber stamp with a box. Please write the name of the city from where you wish to appear for the test. The cities where test is held is given on the date sheet "National Test Dates."

Question No. 1: Please select your preferred date from the "National Test Dates". You must provide two choices, just in case the first selection is not available (in case of completing the paper form)

Question No. 2: This is the Surname and must be the same as it appears on the Passport. Please check this with your passport before completing. If your Surname does not fit in the available box, please use the boxes in the next line. Please remember to check any observation pages on your Passport

Question No. 3: Please fill the appropriate title

Question No. 4: Here you must enter your First Name or the Given name. Be sure that you write your First Name as it appears on your Passport. Please remember to check any observation pages on your Passport

Question No. 5: Be sure to give full address including your PIN code. If you provide incomplete address your TRF may be returned undelivered.

Question No. 6: It is suggested that you provide your Mobile number as you will receive SMS alerts from the test centre

Question No. 7: Please provide your Email ID. It is suggested that your provide your most frequently used Email ID, as you will receive important communication from the test centre on your Email.

Question No. 8: Please provide your Date of Birth. Please ensure that your date of birth is the same as mentioned on your Passport.

Question No. 9: Please select your Gender. Circle "M" for male and "F" for female as the case may be.

Question No. 10: You must "tick mark" 'Passport' and provide your Passport Number. Please be sure that your passport is valid at least up to the test date. There is NO alternate ID accepted other than the Passport.

Question No. 11: Provide the code number of the country where you were born. If you are born in India, please put '089' in the code. The full code list is given on 'Page ii' of the IELTS application form.

Question No. 12: The first language means your "Mother Tongue", for e.g., Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Urdu.... etc. Please select the appropriate first language code from 'Page iii' of this form. If you language is not listed, please write 000 in the box and write your language name in the small box given below the code.

Question No. 13: Please refer to 'Page iv' of the IELTS application form for the appropriate code and example.

Question No. 14: Please refer to 'Page iv' of the IELTS application form for the appropriate code.

Question No. 15: Please select and 'tick mark' the box as applicable

Question No. 16: Please be very careful when choosing the module i.e. Academic or General Training. It is best to check this from your University or the recognizing body as to which module you must take. Please remember it will be very difficult to change your module at a later date.

Question No. 17: Normally you must tick 'Pen and Paper Test'.

Question No. 18 & 19: Please refer to 'Page iv' of the IELTS application form for the appropriate code and example.

Question No. 20: This is optional and you may consider leaving this as blank.

Question No. 21: Please 'tick mark' as appropriate

Question No. 22: Please circle the option applicable to you

Question No. 23: If you have any special needs due to medical reasons, please tick 'Yes'. However, before completing the form, please consult the nearest test centre office.