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1 CBT IELTS for UKVI Terms and Conditions New View
2 CB IELTS for UKVI Declaration and Disclaimer View
3 CB IELTS for UKVI Notice to Candidates View
4 Information for Candidates View
5 IELTS Application Form View
6 IELTS for UKVI & IELTS Life Skills Application Form View
7 IELTS Declaration Page View
8 IELTS for UKVI Declaration Page View
9 IELTS Life Skills Declaration Page View
10 IELTS for UKVI Minor Candidate Consent Form View
11 Appendix 3.2 Consent Form for a Minor to take an IELTS Life Skills Test View
12 Transfer, Cancellation & Refund Application Form (IELTS, IELTS for UKVI & IELTS for Life Skills) View
13 IELTS_Additional TRF Request Form Click here
14 IELTS for UKVI_Additional TRF Request Form Click here
15 Card Holder Declaration View
16 ICICI Deposit Slip View
17 HDFC Deposit Slip View
18 Declaration Life Skills IELTS for UKVI View
19 Questionnaire for IELTS for UKVI View
20 Questionnaire for IELTS Life Skills View
21 Enquiry on Results Request Form Click here
22 IELTS Life Skills for UKVI Request or Test Date Transfer form View
23 Speaking Test Slot Selection View
24 Computer Delivered IELTS Test T&C View
25 Computer_Delivered_IELTS_Test_Taker_Brochure View
26 STED RO List View
27 IELTS for UKVI Test Terms & Conditions View
28 IELTS Test Terms & Conditions View
29 BAU minor consent form View