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IELTS Paper based Test Dates & Fee

IELTS Test Dates - Academic

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
31 Oct 2020 Academic 14000
07 Nov 2020 Academic 14000
12 Nov 2020 Academic 14000
21 Nov 2020 Academic 14000
28 Nov 2020 Academic 14000
03 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
05 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
12 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
19 Dec 2020 Academic 14000

IELTS Test Dates - General Training

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
31 Oct 2020 General Training 14000
12 Nov 2020 General Training 14000
21 Nov 2020 General Training 14000
05 Dec 2020 General Training 14000
19 Dec 2020 General Training 14000

IDP's computer-delivered IELTS Bathinda test centre

We just launched computer-delivered IELTS in Bathinda – now choose from multiple test sessions and get your results in 3-5 days!

Our IDP IELTS computer-delivered centre in Bathinda is conveniently located near Bhagu Road and offers a safe and secure test environment for all candidates. For an enhanced test experience, we also provide with updated systems and high quality headphones that cancel out any background noise when taking the test.

The Speaking test room is provided in the same facility where a certified examiner tests you face-to-face in a soundproof room. Each team member at our centre is qualified and approachable, so feel free to ask if you have any queries before or during the test.

Our students are loving the new test facility!

Why take IELTS on computer?

More test Dates

7 times a week,
3 times a day

Faster results

Get your results in
3-5 days

Highlight or edit your answers

Exciting new features
in writing section

Test format remains same

Same test content and
questioning pattern

Get acquainted with computer-delivered IELTS

Familiarise yourself with computer-delivered IELTS. Our tutorials will help you understand how to attempt the Listening, Reading and Writing test on computer.

Access familiarisation and practice videos!

Prepare for IELTS

Be better prepared for IELTS by using our free range of IELTS study material that will help you score well.

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How to reach Computer-delivered IELTS test centre in Bathinda

IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, Above Planet Fashion,
Adjoining Sagar Ratna, Near Brar Eye Hospital,
Opposite Mittal Mall, Goniana Road,
Bathinda - 151001
Phone: +91-164-5211888

Hours: Monday - Saturday - 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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