Enquiry on Results (EoR)

Please download the Enquiry on Result Application form from the Downloads section. The form is also available with IDP branch offices.

Complete the application for and submit/courier the same, along with the fee of INR 9,000 (Rupees Nine Thousand only) (inclusive of all taxes) is applicable.

Note :Kindly ensure following documents are sent with EOR application form

  • Original TRF
  • Clear copy of First & Last page of passport
  • Cancelled cheque or bank passbook copy- should have bank Account No, Name & IFSC code specified

Note :For all EOR requests the following test fee balance shall be refunded as mentioned below to the candidate upon successful EOR outcome.

  • IELTS test EOR fee balance of INR 9,000 made till 31st March 2018
  • IELTS test EOR fee balance of INR 9,500 from 1st April 2018 onwards