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IELTS Test Dates in Dehradun


Dehradun, the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand, is known for its line of prestigious schools, colleges and research institutions. The city is also recognised as an important hub of people aspiring to move abroad. Since there is a culture to study or work abroad among most of its people, it witnessed IELTS test registrations on a regular basis. Its popularity has made it one of the important IELTS centres in Uttarakhand.

IELTS Test Dates & Fee

IELTS Test Dates – Academic

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
05 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
19 Dec 2020 Academic 14000
09 Jan 2021 Academic 14000
16 Jan 2021 Academic 14000
23 Jan 2021 Academic 14000
06 Feb 2021 Academic 14000
25 Feb 2021 Academic 14000

IELTS Test Dates – General Training

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
05 Dec 2020 General Training 14000
19 Dec 2020 General Training 14000
09 Jan 2021 General Training 14000
16 Jan 2021 General Training 14000
23 Jan 2021 General Training 14000
06 Feb 2021 General Training 14000
25 Feb 2021 General Training 14000

About IDP IELTS Dehradun centre

IDP IELTS Dehradun office is situated at a convenient location so that students can reach the office easily via any mode of transport from any part of the city. The staff can be contacted in case anyone is unable to reach the centre.

IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System is the first step towards turning the dream of living abroad true. It is approved by over 10,000 organisations across the globe and is consequently taken by most of the people. The IELTS score is accepted for people who wish to work, study or move to English speaking countries.

How can IELTS IDP Dehradun help you?

IDP IELTS Dehradun is recognised for its amazing set of executives who help students register for the IELTS test hassle-free. Students can expect end-to-end IELTS services at this centre. Clear all your queries, be it registration, preparation, or results. The centre also offers assistance on TRF (test report form), test transfer, and EOR (enquiry on results).

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