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IELTS Test Dates in Coimbatore


One of the fastest growing cities of southern India, Coimbatore is known to house a large community of aspirants looking to study, work or immigrate abroad. Being a major IT hub in south, it tends to cater to a huge crowd that looks towards settling or working abroad. Moreover, several people look for better prospects in various other fields of medicine, media, finance, management and social sciences. This makes it a popular destination amongst IELTS test takers.

IELTS Test Dates & Fee

IELTS Test Dates – Academic

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
18 Jul 2020 Academic 14000
25 Jul 2020 Academic 14000
30 Jul 2020 Academic 14000
08 Aug 2020 Academic 14000
20 Aug 2020 Academic 14000
22 Aug 2020 Academic 14000
29 Aug 2020 Academic 14000
05 Sep 2020 Academic 14000
12 Sep 2020 Academic 14000
17 Sep 2020 Academic 14000
26 Sep 2020 Academic 14000

IELTS Test Dates – General Training

Test Dates Test Type Fee (INR) Action
25 Jul 2020 General Training 14000
30 Jul 2020 General Training 14000
08 Aug 2020 General Training 14000
22 Aug 2020 General Training 14000
12 Sep 2020 General Training 14000
17 Sep 2020 General Training 14000
26 Sep 2020 General Training 14000

About IDP IELTS Coimbatore centre

Conveniently located on Avanashi Road, IDP IELTS Coimbatore office is can be easily reached from all corners of the city through various modes of private and public transport. IELTS, the world’s most popular English language proficiency test, is taken by thousands of people who wish to study, work or immigrate abroad on a regular basis. In fact, the popularity of the test can well be explained by looking at the number of tests (2.9 million) taken in 2016.

How can IELTS IDP Coimbatore help you?

IDP IELTS Coimbatore is known for its team of helpful and friendly executives who assist test takers on IELTS related queries. Right from registration to results, candidates can get complete assistance at IDP IELTS Coimbatore Registration Centre. Queries related to TRF (test report form), test transfer, and EOR (enquiry on results) is also provided at Coimbatore Registration Centre.

Due to the friendly and supportive staff, it is considered as one of the preferred IELTS centres in South India. Walk in to our IDP IELTS Coimbatore Registration Centre to get assistance on registration, results, test transfer, etc.

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